Philadelphia Area Labor Management Committee
BUILT-RITE Construction Industry Program
Workplace labor-management relations assessments

Team-building, and team training

Worksite productivity, quality and safety designs

Third party issue resolution

The Philadelphia Area Labor-Management Committee (PALM) is a private non-profit organization founded by the Philadelphia Council of the AFL-CIO and the Greater Philadelphia Chamber of Commerce in 1982. The mission of the organization is to foster increased labor management cooperation in the Southern Pennsylvania, Bucks, Chester, Delaware, Montgomery and Philadelphia Counties.

PALM has worked with over 200 companies and unions in establishing cooperative communication, problem solving and change processes in industries as diverse as government, transportation, construction, communication, the petrochemical industry, utilities, the pharmaceutical industry and education systems.

Affiliates of PALM:

The American Federation of Labor-Congress Industrial Organizations (AFL-CIO)

Pennsylvania Apprentice Coordinators Association

Building and Construction Trades Department

National Safety Council

Occupational Safety & Health Administration (OSHA)

At PALM we create and support new ways for management and labor to compete by building on common interests, joint collaboration, and problem solving.

PALM is a community resource in the general field of labor-management relations, including research of targeted industry trends and networking among groups desiring peer access to experiences in labor-management collaboration as an alternative to adversarial systems.