Philadelphia Area Labor Management Committee
BUILT-RITE Construction Industry Program
CUDAP - The Coalition for a Uniform Drug and Alcohol Program

CUDAP is a BUILT-RITE program sponsored by owners and contractors of the Greater Philadelphia area and by the Philadelphia Building and Construction Trades Council and its member unions.

CUDAP's Mission: CUDAP member companies and unions are committed to providing safe, dependable and economical services while promoting high standards of employee health, work readiness and worksite safety.

CUDAP's Goal: Companies joining together to achieve a workforce and a work place which is free of the adverse effects of alcoholic beverages and illegal drugs, or legal drugs obtained illegally of taken for the purpose of abuse.

CUDAP's Benefits: The CUDAP program provides a cost effective and efficiently administered uniform drug and alcohol testing program. CUDAP participants benefit by:

  • Fewer and less frequent drug and alcohol programs.
  • All workers are tested using the same rigorous standards and procedures.
  • Workers testing positive are encouraged to get the help they need.