Philadelphia Area Labor Management Committee
BUILT-RITE Construction Industry Program

CUDAP — Frequently Asked Questions

How often will I be tested?

Program participants will be tested initially at the first time of entry to a CUDAP company. Following that initial test, every program participant is subject to lottery testing at any time at any CUDAP work location. Because testing is done by lottery selection, each program participant may be tested multiple times per year or may not be tested at all.

How do I know lottery testing is done in a completely impartial manner?

Individuals will be selected using a two step process:

  1. Worksite locations, a shift and a date will be selected at random by an independent Substance Abuse Testing Administration company.
  2. A sample number of the individuals working at that location and shift will be selected and tested.
What if I test positive?

You will be referred to a substance abuse professional. Following treatment and return to work testing, you may return to work at a CUDAP location. If you test positive a second time, you will be barred from working at CUDAP locations.

How confidential is the substance abuse testing information?

CUDAP member employers will be able to check your status in the program. Your status will be either "available" or "not available." "Available" means you are in the program and you have either no positives or you tested positive and you have been cleared to return to work. "Not available" means you have had two positive tests or you have had a positive test and you have not gone through the rehabilitation process to return to work.

What if I decide not to participate in the CUDAP program?

You will not be permitted access to the CUDAP employer's jobsite.

Is CUDAP supported by my union?

The CUDAP program is a joint program of BUILT-RITE, local employers and the Philadelphia Building and Construction Trades Council and its member unions.

What if I test positive because of a prescribed medication or a drug given during a recent medical procedure?

Individuals testing positive will be interviewed by a physician who is certified as a Medical Review Officer (MRO). The MRO will review all relevant medical information you provide prior to making a final determination.

What if I refuse to be tested for either drugs or alcohol?

You will be refused subsequent work at a CUDAP worksite.